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Moonlight on the Teign Estuary Added Salcombe -2 Added Salcombe -5 Added Salcombe -3 Added Salcombe -4 Added Salcombe -1 Added chaps Added Avon basin-6 Added Avon basin-5 Added Avon basin-4 Added Avon basin-3 Added Avon basin-1 Added Avon basin-2 Added Avon Dam-3 Added Avon Dam-1 Added Avon Dam-2 Added Forde House-3 Added Forde House-2 Added Forde House-1 Added Teignmouth in April-5 Added Teignmouth in April-3 Added Teignmouth in April-4 Added Teignmouth in April-2 Added Teignmouth in April-1 Added Chagford-1 Added Chagford-2 Added Graveyard ponies-2 Added Graveyard ponies-1 Added Dartmoor-11 Added Dartmoor-09 Added Dartmoor-10 Added Dartmoor-07 Added Dartmoor-08 Added Dartmoor-06 Added Dartmoor-05 Added Dartmoor-04 Added Dartmoor-03 Added Dartmoor-02 Added Dartmoor-01 Added The sea af Dawlish Added From the top of Teignmouth Added Exeter Cathedral 2 Added Exeter Cathedral 1 Added Walled Garden Added Queen Street Added Courtenay Park Added Jetty Marsh Basin-6 Added Jetty Marsh Basin-5 Added Jetty Marsh Basin-3 Added Jetty Marsh Basin-4 Added Jetty Marsh Basin-1 Added Jetty Marsh Basin-2 Added Aller Brook flowing into the River Teign Added Dartmouth-7 Added Dartmouth-6 Added Dartmouth-5 Added Dartmouth-4 Added Dartmouth-3 Added Dartmouth-1 Added Dartmouth-2 Added From Coombe Cellars looking inland Added Lower Teign from the town quay Added Dressing Room Added Master Bed Added Dawlish line Added Teign Estuary looking towards Kingsteignton Added Parke Added Town Quay Added River Bovey Added Horses on the route Added The Dawlish Line (1) Added The sea, the sea Added The Dawlish Line Added Teign Corinthian Yacht Club Added Home Archives Subscribe